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Director's Message

SUDAR as the name implies will help glow the light of HEALTH and comfort in everyone who reaches for their ailment. A team of committed professionals in all front – DOCTORS, Para medicals, Support staff of health sector work together in tandem in SUDAR hospitals in time to recover the patients 24 × 7 × 365 days. A transparent and humanly approach has been the hallmark of the team in SUDAR Hospitals who has more than two decade of trustworthy execution of health services in various levels. Your patronage for your SUDAR HOSPITALS to glow will shower the light health to all who reach trusting SUDAR HOSPITAL and its TEAM.

-Dr.TN.Ravisankar Director

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+91 9941230230

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Welcome to SUDAR Hospital

Sudar hospitals has a Legacy of over two decades under different nomenclature. It has its premises in Chitlapakkam and Tambaram, and with a change in partnership, the hospital has grown up by leaps and bounds with more than 40 Consulting doctors who have a Unique Identity of service as their primary motivation.Patient care and satisfaction is at the epicenter of this Hospitals foundation. This Hospital will continue Timely, trusted and transparent.

Tambaram has established itself as not only an epicenter of commercial and educational activity but also has become one of the most important places in Chennai. Tambaram serves as the gateway to the urban core of the city of Chennai. The vast number of Educational Institutes, the bus terminus that connects different parts of the city to this Gateway, the railway station that facilitates the passing of all South Tamilnadu-bound trains have created a need for the best hospital in Tambaram to be available for the people living in this city.

Sudar Hospitals brings you exclusive medical care facilities for you at Tambaram. Well-appointed doctors, state-of-the-art medical equipment, dedicated paramedical personnel and the hygienic premises ensure that all your health care needs are taken care of in the most perfect way possible.

Our specialisations include but are not limited to cardiology, ophthalmology neurology, endocrinology orthopedics and a lot more. When you are in here, you are never away from the best hospital in Tambaram for all your medical needs. Should you have any requirements for casual consultation for complicated surgeries, you can always get in touch with Sudar Hospital.

Our Departments


We take care of every beat of your heart, and every blood drop that flows in and out of it with our experts!


It is all about the food that we eat! Our Specialists ensure that your stomach and digestive system functions properly.

Medical Lab

Medicine is science and science is based on data. Our lab ensures that we get the most accurate data about you!

Dental Care

Our dental expertise ensures that you acknowledge the awesomeness of your smile with a smile.


One of the most important and intricate divisions of medicine make sure your body is at its functional best.


We have not only the nerves but also their expertise in handling nerves to make sure your perception is awesome.


When it comes to orthopedics, we have immense expertise. In fact, we know it to the bone.


Treating children requires a different understanding of their sensitivities and senses, which are Specialists are aware of.


It is about the Way We See The Way You see. Our Specialists are here to take care of your eyes.