Only Top Quality Services

The human body is connected to human emotions and we value both of them a lot! Considering the way each individual and their social circle value the lives and all the other aspects of healthy living, we make sure that we are uncompromising on the quality of Medical Services that we provide. The doctors at our hospital are not only experienced but also empathetic. It is not just about the humans but also the machinery and technology that make a Medical Services better, bigger, effective and accurate. The combination of technology, medical expertise and humane empathy makes Sudar Hospital one of the best hospitals in Southern Chennai!

Our Departments


We take care of every beat of your heart, and every blood drop that flows in and out of it with our experts!


It is all about the food that we eat! Our Specialists ensure that your stomach and digestive system functions properly.

Medical Lab

Medicine is science and science is based on data. Our lab ensures that we get the most accurate data about you!

Dental Care

Our dental expertise ensures that you acknowledge the awesomeness of your smile with a smile.


One of the most important and intricate divisions of medicine make sure your body is at its functional best.


We have not only the nerves but also their expertise in handling nerves to make sure your perception is awesome.


When it comes to orthopedics, we have immense expertise. In fact, we know it to the bone.


Treating children requires a different understanding of their sensitivities and senses, which are Specialists are aware of.


It is about the Way We See The Way You see. Our Specialists are here to take care of your eyes.

Intensive Care Unit

Our team of highly trained emergency-healthcare experts ensure timely services and continuous monitoring in the most critical stages.

Family Clinic

Treatment is not just about knowing the diseases but about knowing the persons, right? With respect to the care and concern that we have towards you, you can take the term 'family' quite literally!!