Hospital in Selaiyur

Heralding East Tambaram to people who travel from Velachery, Selaiyur has marked its importance in multiple aspects. One of the most important aspects in which Selaiyur functions and epicenter is in education.

Selaiyur - An Educational Hub

The presence of schools like Zion, Christ King, Shankara Vidyalaya and Saint Mary’s, and colleges like the Madras Christian College, the Bharath Engineering College, and a few other arts and science colleges in the vicinity, Selaiyur is a place of residence for many academicians and seasoned professors.

Hospital Services in Selaiyur

Seasoned academicians require medical care that is on par with their expectations. Sudar hospitals bring them essential medical care and every level. The diagnostic services also ensure that they can keep a constant check on their health parameters.

Facilities Provided in Selaiyur

Selaiyur is an abode of academicians and it is not a thing of surprise that they would always want to visit the best hospital in Selaiyur even for some of the smallest needs drawing from diagnostics until medical care. It is for this precise purpose that Sudar has taken upon itself to enhance the experience of medical facilities. Our hospital in Selaiyur is well equipped with the best apparatus and is perfectly complemented by the right medical professionals including phlebotomists, lab technicians, and doctor. At our hospital in Selaiyur, you can be assured that you get nothing short of the best medical care. Our precision in diagnostics and expertise in medical care will tell you why we are one of the best hospitals in Selaiyur. Drop into our Selaiyur premise and you will know the reason behind us being renowned as a top hospital in here.